About Julian Baker

Bowen and Functional Anatomy Specialist

My name is Julian Baker and I have straddled the worlds of manual therapy and academic sciences for over thirty years, with the aim of trying to bring together these two very different worlds, each with their own insight and wisdoms, in order to help everyone to move better with less pain.

I use dissection, anatomy, and simple explanations to give you insights into the body and how it hangs together.Join me in the first of my new webinar series on Touch Move Heal, as I dive into the claims and explore the myths, realities, facts and fiction of fascia and explain simply what is really going on.

Julian Baker teaches anatomy like no-one else, showing you what’s not in the books and make it applicable to the work you do with your clients. Julian joins up the parts of the body not just focussing on the named bits we know about,His approach gives you the ability to apply your anatomy knowledge confidently and expertly within your practice, whatever that may be.

We guarantee our classes will get you questioning, reflecting and inspired. It’s the CPD you’ve always wanted.

38 Portway
Frome, BA11 1QU


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