Breathing. Is there a good or a bad way?

Online 16th April

Is there one way that’s better than another? From the moment we pop out of the womb, it’s something that we do without much in the way of an instruction leaflet.

Yet when we start on the wellness journey, or get into movement, meditation or certain therapies, there are ideas that abound around ways to breathe.
Whether it be in through the nose and out through the mouth, or is it the other way around?

That we should breathe through the belly rather than the chest.
Is that right?

I’m not sure any more!

In this week’s session we’re going to look at the breath and the structures that make it happen.

How the diaphragm connects to other tissues, what specific lubrication is needed to make our lungs fill up and whether we can breathe in to or through certain areas.
I’ll be sharing with you some never before seen incredible dissection footage and looking at some connections that may well surprise you.

Bowen Online Workshop. The Neck and Head. Assessment and treatment

Online 17th April

Defining the neck and head can be tricky (as with most anatomy) and we need to work out what starts and finishes where. This will be an ongoing area of study, but we'll start with some head and neck assessment and dive deeper next time.

The human head weighs in the region of 6 kg or 12 lb and there are an enormous amount of supporting structures needed in order to keep it upright at any given point in time. The head and neck also encompasses issues around the jaw, swallowing, throat, and accessory muscles of breathing.

The position of the head will determine the load and strain that is placed through the lower back, hips, and knees, right down into the feet. It is therefore vital for us to be able to assess head positions in order to be able to fully understand function through the rest of the body. The neck itself is an area that has no real beginning or end, but yet continues to constantly present as an area of pain, stiffness, or injury. Where to start with any neck pain (other than what we traditionally think of as a neck is a constant question.

Our beginning Bowen approaches will always encompass the neck and head, but a deeper understanding of the relationship of the head to the rest of the body will massively enhance overall treatment approaches, and an understanding of how injuries and function can be better addressed.

In this workshop, we will look at how the head drives every movement we make and can be involved even issues around bowel problems! We will look at assessment, anatomy, movement patterns, and of course dive into lots of treatment, with plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered.

Core Stability


Fascial Release


Hands on Human Dissection Class

for Manual and Movement Therapists
July 1-5, 2024 Katowice, Poland £1850

A five day immersive human anatomy experience

For Manual and Movement Therapists

With Julian Baker

The opportunity to actually participate in the process of human dissection is incredibly rare.

Even medical students often do little or nothing in the way of actual dissection, instead learning on pre-dissected specimens.

This highly acclaimed five day class takes you through all the systems of the human body and gives you the opportunity to see what it really is that you are touching in your treatment spaces.

Led by Julian Baker one of the only practicing therapist dissectors in the world, this class focuses on the anatomy and parts of the human form that you will never see in anatomy books or even other dissections.

Julian has been running dissection classes for over fifteen years and will bring you gently and sensitively into the process, guiding you through the layers of the body. As part of the dissection process, you will be engaging in discussions and demonstrations around the function of the human form, principles of touch and movement and seeing, feeling and experiencing how each part of the body connects and relates.

Working in small teams, there is no part of the human body that you will not explore, leaving you with a life-changing view of the incredible structure that is our body.

All the theory you have ever undertaken comes to fruition in this class, leaving you with X-ray vision when you return to your treatment rooms.

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Frome, BA11 1QU


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